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Faculty Spotlight: Amit Jain, MD, MBA

Get to know Amit Jain, M.D, M.B.A, a leader and innovator in spine surgery. He is an expert in cervical and lumbar degenerative spinal surgery in adults, and complex scoliosis surgery in children. His research focuses on health economics, quality and safety in musculoskeletal care. He has published more than 250 scientific articles. He is a Principal Investigator for a NIH R01 grant to develop the next generation of surgical robotic devices. He also serves as Medical Director of Value Based Care in Office of Population Health at Johns Hopkins Health System, where he works on value-based care delivery and care continuum strategy. He is a member of the HBHI Executive team.

The Impact of Noncompetes on Healthcare: 7 Expert Takeaways

Non-compete agreements typically restrict employees from joining competitors or starting similar businesses within a given timeframe and geographical area after leaving their jobs. These kinds of covenants have become enormously widespread in the American economy, and even more so in the sector of health care.