Hopkins Business of Health Initiative

The Hopkins Business of Health Initiative (HBHI) is a new collaborative initiative focusing on improving health systems through research on the business of health.

About HBHI

The Hopkins Business of Health Initiative is a new collaborative initiative between Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School and its three world-leading health schools – the Bloomberg School of Public Health, School of Nursing, and School of Medicine – to integrate research, practice, and policy to improve the productivity of the nation’s health system.

This new initiative will ensure that Johns Hopkins University plays a leading role in transforming our national health system into the most productive and admired health system in the world.

Ultimately, HBHI will focus on the business of health by prioritizing:

  1. Collaborative, multidisciplinary research applying business principles to address the nation’s health system challenges;
  2. Testing and scaling novel approaches for firms and organizations to advance health and slow health spending growth; and
  3. Identifying cost-effective health interventions and the pathways to scale innovation through alignment of financial incentives and social value.

Focus Areas

HBHI seeks to establish three platforms to sustain collaboration, innovation, engagement, and real-world impact:

Data Enclave Platform

Facilitate research within HBHI domains in an environment that promotes university-wide collaboration and leverage of existing data assets.

Internal Convening Platform

Build the HBHI community to incubate innovative programs and advance our collaborative, multidisciplinary work.

Communication and Partnership Platform

Solidify Hopkins’ leadership in the business of health by communicating for real-world impact, sustaining relationships with leaders in industry, government, and academia.