HBHI proudly has funded a seed grant to bring this virtual symposium to educators, physicians, patients, nurses, leaders, staff, and others partnering education and operational workforce development.

Telemedicine has changed the face of healthcare. Prior to the pandemic, there was some evidence that telemedicine could reduce readmissions, improve access and quality. The explosion in telemedicine that resulted from the Public Health Emergency in March 2020 has established it as a key element of our delivery system and new products and delivery strategies are proliferating. Particularly in primary care, surveys suggest that a quarter of primary care visits might be completed by telemedicine after
the pandemic.

We must prepare our workforce for this change. Prior to 2020 there’s been little formal education in virtual care. Health professions educators are novices but are developing role-specific responses to this need. Faculty and instructors need skills and are learning together with students. Among professional formation groups, there has been considerable work. The AAMC has issued a new EEPA-entrustable professional activity – for telemedicine. ACGME, AACN, AAMA and AMA have developed
positions on telemedicine education. Preparation and retraining of the current front-line workforce can benefit from that work but should also feedback and inform it.

The mission of this national conference is to broadly advance initiatives that prepare our interprofessional, interdisciplinary workforce to practice effectively office-based telemedicine. In addition to attending standard CME/CE lectures on TM innovation, participants will be invited to participate in collaborative sessions where curricula and training will be discussed; these efforts will inform a curriculum plan for key members of the ambulatory health care team. Patient stakeholders will be key participants, considering the importance of consumer-informed healthcare.

Abstract submissions will be elicited, and selected innovation abstracts will be shared as podium or poster presentations.