Brian Miller, MD, MBA, MPH, Assistant Professor

Title: The Future of Medicare Advantage

Chris Myers, PhD, Associate Professor

Title: Towards Precision Intraoperative Teaming: Impacts of Surgical Team Composition and Familiarity

Abstract: This project views surgical team composition as a strategy for minimizing risks to surgical patients and seeks to generate the evidence-base necessary for designing effective intra-inoperative team composition interventions. This research is needed to guide strategies for forming intra-operative surgical teams best equipped to meet each individual patient’s needs, and protect them from preventable harm, particularly for those patients at elevated risks for adverse events. We are working to create a novel database of intra-operative surgical team composition metrics, link these data to three separate registries of high-quality surgical outcomes (STS, NSQIP, NSQIP-Peds), test relationships between intra-operative team composition and care safety, quality and utilization, and explore data-driven interventions for improving care through better intra-operative teaming practices. In this session we will present some preliminary results (based on QI project analyses) that demonstrate the impact of one key team composition metric – familiarity – on operative time, particularly for more severe cases. We seek feedback on how we can position and refine the work as we build out a long-term, multi-method research program exploring familiarity and team composition among surgical teams.